Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Terrorism in India

How much efforts we have put to grab the controversial nuclear deal? Diplomatic maneuvering, appeals with NSG members, with US senators and with anybody who can influence anybody to make things in our favor. A battery of high profile officials with everything in their armory were moving around the world to see that the deal is clinched. Had we taken one hundredth of the enthusiasm shown there in tracking down the traitors the Bangalores and Ahmedabads would not have happened and the innoscents would not have been ruthlessly killed in Delhi.

After every bomb blast in the country we shed crocodile tears and talk eloquently about the security of or our country and forget it conveniently in short time. No follow-up action is taken to stop this danger probably because of the wrong perception that it will create bad feelings in the minds of the minority community. This is totally unfounded as majority of the minority community is not at all involved but only some are involved in these dastardly acts. And any action against the culprits will in no way castigate all of them as anti-nationals or traitors. What we should have is the guts to act boldly and exterminate these terrorists. The fear of faring badly in the future election should not be our point, as of now which is evident from still dilly-dallying with hanging of the traitor who is condemned to death for attacking our Parliament. Our priority should be the security of our nation and people.