Monday, March 29, 2010


Kochi got an IPL team. Media and people of Kerala were at ecstasy celebrating it as if it was the greatest event in the history of Kerala. Like winning an Olympic Gold. What Kerala gains out of it is the question. IPL is a big-money game involving stakes of crores. The tweny-20 version moulded to raise the excitement of the spectators is cleverly used in IPL to mint money. Here the team sponsors, BCCI and to a lesser extend the players stand to gain, neither the game of cricket nor the upcoming cricketers gain anything.

2500 plus crores of rupees was spent for Kochi team.It is business for the investors. Naturally they  want to get the money back. So they will go for good players and cricketers of star value and some old war horses in the team. Where will our budding stars get chance? Even if some get a chance that will end up with IPL.

KCA patched up the infighting and is all out for the IPL as they will also get some pittance. KCA is thinking of constructing a new stadium in Kochi. The land proposed earlier was paddy fileds and wet land and nature lovers are already up in arms against it. Construction there  will be destroying the ecologically important wet land. The influence of huge IPL money may pave way for the stadium on the same site. But Kerala will be a loser in the long run.

Monday, March 22, 2010


 Mohanlal, the Superstar of Malayalam movie  is becoming the Brand Ambassador of Khadi in Kerala. It is a good gesture from the great artist to permit use his popularity to promote khadi.

Some time back when he was moving around jovially asking us “what’s up this evening?” every one of us Malayalees understood the meaning of “what is” and we turned to “Original Choice”. Our logic- anyway we will be drinking, then why cant’ it be the ‘choice’ of our favourite superstar ?

Kerala is fortunate to have a celebrity of Mohanlal’s stature to promote Khadi and handloom cloth. Mohanlal might not have used Khadi in his life time. What is in it? He  might not have tasted the brand  the ‘original choice’ either.

Mohanlal is our superhero and since he said we have no 'choice' but to follow. We will use both. Wearing Khadi we will go to the bar for drinking his ‘choice’ brand.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010



M.F. Husain is accepting citizenship offered by Qatar where he was staying for the last many years. He is at liberty to accept any such offer.

He was born in India and spent his fruitful life here attaining fame and amassing wealth. He got the acceptance here. Will he get the freedom of speech and expression he enjoyed in India anywhere else in the world? NO. The atmosphere in India is conducive to development of any kind of artistic skills and capabilities lying hidden in man. What contributions he has made to the artistic world while he was away from India? Any genuine work or masterpiece made there? NOTHING.

So let him come back to India and apoligise to the hurt feelings of Indians for depicting Bharath Matha and Hindu goddesses nude.

He makes nude  of those who he hates he is stated to have said while picturising Hitler nude.

Is it true Mr. Husain?

If you continue to stay in Qatar be careful. Do not depict Prophet Mohammed badly. They will not take it lightly. The laws there are strict and punishment severe, your hands will severed. NO hands to hold the brush!

Monday, March 1, 2010


Some News Report says:

Bio-Technology Regulatory Authority Bill-2009 - Draft Bill to be tabled in Indian Parliament this session.

Drafted by Department of Bio-Technology of the Ministry of Science & Technology.

Anybody opposing GM food without ‘proper scientific  data’ can be jailed for six months to a maximum of 1  year along with a fine of Rs. 2 lakhs.
Right to Information Act will not apply to information relating to GM research etc.

Department of Bio-Technology can over rule the decision  of the States on GM Technology.


Sachin Tendulkar- The Legend- Enriching the game of cricket with his remarkable and marvelous performance. He was playing for the game and for the nation for the last two decades. His blood and toil was for the country.(The only other cricketer of the same class was Kapil Dev). Sachin is on the top of the world, yet he plays for the game. He never played for records or with the ulterior motive of any personal gain. That made him so lovable and we feel him one among us. Money and fame did not gone to his head. He is proud of our  nation and we are proud of him.

The double century in the one day match is his latest record. Let him have more records in the coming days and let him bring the world cup to India.