Monday, March 22, 2010


 Mohanlal, the Superstar of Malayalam movie  is becoming the Brand Ambassador of Khadi in Kerala. It is a good gesture from the great artist to permit use his popularity to promote khadi.

Some time back when he was moving around jovially asking us “what’s up this evening?” every one of us Malayalees understood the meaning of “what is” and we turned to “Original Choice”. Our logic- anyway we will be drinking, then why cant’ it be the ‘choice’ of our favourite superstar ?

Kerala is fortunate to have a celebrity of Mohanlal’s stature to promote Khadi and handloom cloth. Mohanlal might not have used Khadi in his life time. What is in it? He  might not have tasted the brand  the ‘original choice’ either.

Mohanlal is our superhero and since he said we have no 'choice' but to follow. We will use both. Wearing Khadi we will go to the bar for drinking his ‘choice’ brand.

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