Tuesday, March 2, 2010



M.F. Husain is accepting citizenship offered by Qatar where he was staying for the last many years. He is at liberty to accept any such offer.

He was born in India and spent his fruitful life here attaining fame and amassing wealth. He got the acceptance here. Will he get the freedom of speech and expression he enjoyed in India anywhere else in the world? NO. The atmosphere in India is conducive to development of any kind of artistic skills and capabilities lying hidden in man. What contributions he has made to the artistic world while he was away from India? Any genuine work or masterpiece made there? NOTHING.

So let him come back to India and apoligise to the hurt feelings of Indians for depicting Bharath Matha and Hindu goddesses nude.

He makes nude  of those who he hates he is stated to have said while picturising Hitler nude.

Is it true Mr. Husain?

If you continue to stay in Qatar be careful. Do not depict Prophet Mohammed badly. They will not take it lightly. The laws there are strict and punishment severe, your hands will severed. NO hands to hold the brush!

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