Friday, February 26, 2010


Kerala gets its due share and it is reflected continuously in every Railway budget. Like the proverbial donkey moaning away its desire Kerala do after every budget. We lack proper orientation and consensus on our requirements. We fail to realize the basic thing that infrastructure development is the prime need for development of railways. It is simple logic that trains cannot run without railway tracks but we conveniently forget this fact while demanding more trains. The tracks are over utilized 200 per cent and pose a great danger to the millions of train commuters. Each MP, MLA or authorities ask new railway line or development in their constituency or place without considering the fact that railway development is not a piecemeal or a localized affair but has to be done as a whole, even development of connected railways lines in neighbouring States may also require for Kerala's development. We do not have any idea what we need exactly. We make demand for some unrealistic railway lines and Railways happily oblige with announcing a survey which will go on for many years. The Kottarakkara via railway line and Sabari line survey are examples.

What we need immediately is double line from Kanyakumari to Mangalore and it electrified. Related development of stations, new terminals etc. have to be identified ( Nemom and Kochu Veli terminals for example)and presented before Railway Ministry and got it done in a time bound manner.

Doctors in Kerala

Palatial bungalows, expensive limousines, lavish living- it is the life style of Doctors of Kerala Government Medical Colleges. Not from the hard earned money but from that extorted from the poor and helpless patients. Also fortune comes from drug companies as gratitude for indiscriminately prescribing their junk medicines. Doctors fear these facilities will come to an end with the stoppage of private practice and the mere thought of it sends tremors down their spines. Even 5 months without private practice made them mad and they are out openly for private practice.

Why are they clamoring for private practice? What professional ethics or medical ethics warrants private practice? It is not an urge or enthusiasm for treating patients. If it is an obsession and they really want to treat the patients even after duty hours why can’t they remain in the hospitals and help them like their counterparts doing in Regional Cancer Centre or Sri Chithra Institute of Medical Science in Thiruvananthapuram? In that case all the patients can very well get their service from the hospital itself. So private practice at their houses is nothing but a cover up to forcefully take money from their patients at the hospitals.

Doctors challenge that they will do private practice and collect money but they forget the simple truth that it is not their personal like or dislike but that they need patients. If patients are against private practice what will happen? Also what happens if people do not allow doctors private practice?

Monday, February 22, 2010


Amitabh Bachan is tipped as the Brand Ambassador of Kerala! Brand ambassador is for marketing a product cashing in on the popularity of the celebrity. Here what to market? To market Kerala to the world? To sell our State? To make it like Malasia, Singapore or Las Vegas? To develop sex tourism here?

Kerala is rich in its cultural heritage. It had eminent sons like Adi Sankara.It has a great legacy. Kerala is a beautiful land blessed with nature. She has every thing and excels in every field. Kerala is well known world over and Keralites are everywhere in the world. Do we need any brand ambassador to project us?

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Terrorists have hit again. Killing 12 people. Pune blast once again brings to the fore the loopholes in our intelligence and security system.

Situation is worse in kerala. Last day one Malayalam TV channel shown one of their staff carrying a ‘bomb’ going inside Kochi collectorate, railway station and other important places in Kochi unnoticed,unchecked,uninterrupted and unquestioned. It could have been planted anywhere he liked.Not alone Kochi the whole of Kerala is vulnerable and  open to any type of terrorist activities in the most easy manner. And our police set up is busy in helmet ‘catching’!

Awake! Fight terrorism and save the country.

Friday, February 12, 2010


Vini Vidi Vici. Rahul Gandhi landed in Mumbai amidst  threat from Shiva Sena, attended public function, interacted with people, traveled in suburban train and returned to base safely. To prove that Shiva Sena’s challenge is not to be taken serious and that people from other states are safe in Maharashtra. All this done in the fool proof safety of the many layered security ring made by scores of gun trotting commandos and security personnel. Can an ordinary citizen move around freely in Mumbai like this challenging Shiv Sena?

Thursday, February 4, 2010


This is invasion of the world through manipulation in agriculture. Inserts a gene in the seeds that gets activated at a particular point of time in the crop cycle. As crops bloom and blush caressed by nature the gene get activated and makes the seeds sterile. The seeds cannot be used for cultivation. Farmers would have to knock at the doors of the seed companies for every crop they sow. Over 1.5 billion farmers depend on farm saved seeds presently.

Inserts a genetic switch that genetically programs the crop to accept the fertilizer and pesticides only of particular company.

Now BT-Brinjal. The seeds inserted with the gene of the bacteria Bacillus Thuringieusis which produces a protein acting as a pesticide. More crops they say. Will the pesticide injected in the brinjal go in to body of man who eats it? They, its propagators, say no but there is no confirmed testing or results.
For  different pests other bacteria to be added in the seeds? Nobody knows.
The bacteria can do some reaction with the DNA of the humans. Some Scientists say. Then why go for the BT-Brinjal?

Monsanto, the global giant is the seed producer of this BT-Brinjal. For every seed the farmer has to go to them. Once the BT-Brinjal is allowed all local varieties will be destroyed and the bio-diversity will end there.

Do we need this much quantity of brinjal? Can’t we produce our requirement with more scientific way of cultivation other than the Terminator Technology? Sure We can.

Monsanto, Astra Zenaca, Delta & Pine Land are some of the seed companies minting money by monopolizing seed selling.

Do we need to fall into the hands of these killer gene companies or sustain our bio-diversity and survive?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


The Delhi High Court said “Almost 80 per cent of rural population is without access to basic public health and this fact should be considered seriously”

Central Government seems to be really concerned about the health of rural population at last and promptly agreed for the short term medical education course of three and half years, Bachelor of Rural Medicine & Surgery (BRMS). It will go a long way in providing medical care to the majority of Indians who live in villages. The present elite class MBBS doctors consider serving rural poor as a sub-standard job and prefer the cities and lucrative jobs in private hospitals. The new generation doctors will be saviours of the rural people.
Majority of common  medical problems and ailments can be treated at primary level and do not require the sophisticated MBBS,MD,DM or the decorative MRCP or FRCP.
Indian Medical Association's protest is to be ignored as IMA represent the same elite MBBS doctors who despise rural servise.IMA was even against the a periodical test for the doctors every five years to check  their knowledge! The argument that the course's duration is too short is also not correct as within that time everything required for providing basic medical needs for the rural people can be studied by these new doctors. Improvement in quality of the Primary Health Centres will also restrict the private hospitals exploiting the rural population.