Monday, February 22, 2010


Amitabh Bachan is tipped as the Brand Ambassador of Kerala! Brand ambassador is for marketing a product cashing in on the popularity of the celebrity. Here what to market? To market Kerala to the world? To sell our State? To make it like Malasia, Singapore or Las Vegas? To develop sex tourism here?

Kerala is rich in its cultural heritage. It had eminent sons like Adi Sankara.It has a great legacy. Kerala is a beautiful land blessed with nature. She has every thing and excels in every field. Kerala is well known world over and Keralites are everywhere in the world. Do we need any brand ambassador to project us?


  1. I think a brand ambassdor is a dumb idea, which would simplify and commodify Kerala. Maybe the aim is to attract industries which are likely to be environmentally destructive. Tourists would probably be funnelled to artificial spectacles rather than anything that would give an insight into people's real life in the area.

  2. What Rose said is right. The idea about Brand Ambassidor is an foolish idea. No tourist comee to Kerala seeing an ambassodor. What we need to concentrate is making necessary infrastructure and social friendly atmostphere. Let the Govt. to arrange all facilities here for Tourists by giving them good road, good food, friendly atmostphere and all. Tourism will develop automatically via word of mouth. Looking at one Brand Ambassodor is totally a waste of time and waste of money .