Friday, February 26, 2010


Kerala gets its due share and it is reflected continuously in every Railway budget. Like the proverbial donkey moaning away its desire Kerala do after every budget. We lack proper orientation and consensus on our requirements. We fail to realize the basic thing that infrastructure development is the prime need for development of railways. It is simple logic that trains cannot run without railway tracks but we conveniently forget this fact while demanding more trains. The tracks are over utilized 200 per cent and pose a great danger to the millions of train commuters. Each MP, MLA or authorities ask new railway line or development in their constituency or place without considering the fact that railway development is not a piecemeal or a localized affair but has to be done as a whole, even development of connected railways lines in neighbouring States may also require for Kerala's development. We do not have any idea what we need exactly. We make demand for some unrealistic railway lines and Railways happily oblige with announcing a survey which will go on for many years. The Kottarakkara via railway line and Sabari line survey are examples.

What we need immediately is double line from Kanyakumari to Mangalore and it electrified. Related development of stations, new terminals etc. have to be identified ( Nemom and Kochu Veli terminals for example)and presented before Railway Ministry and got it done in a time bound manner.


  1. Actually its a shame that we still don't get our share in the railway budget though the Minister of State for Railways Mr E.Ahamed and our dear MP's[ who visits us once in a year with handful of promises] are roaming in the country capital.

  2. Whenever a railway minister presents the budget, it has become an accepted norm that the state which the minister represents is poised to get the lion's share of benefits. soon after the budget, a hue and cry is raised on the same and it dies as suddenly as started.what is lft behind is ecah state complaining about what it ought to have received and how it was not given what it deserved. the common man is tired of this gimmicks.........

  3. I would have thought that if the Government did propose something, such as an extra train or an extra line, it would have been done after a study/survey was done. So if a study had to be done-who should be doing it,would it be the railways itself that does the feasability and scope studies!?