Thursday, February 4, 2010


This is invasion of the world through manipulation in agriculture. Inserts a gene in the seeds that gets activated at a particular point of time in the crop cycle. As crops bloom and blush caressed by nature the gene get activated and makes the seeds sterile. The seeds cannot be used for cultivation. Farmers would have to knock at the doors of the seed companies for every crop they sow. Over 1.5 billion farmers depend on farm saved seeds presently.

Inserts a genetic switch that genetically programs the crop to accept the fertilizer and pesticides only of particular company.

Now BT-Brinjal. The seeds inserted with the gene of the bacteria Bacillus Thuringieusis which produces a protein acting as a pesticide. More crops they say. Will the pesticide injected in the brinjal go in to body of man who eats it? They, its propagators, say no but there is no confirmed testing or results.
For  different pests other bacteria to be added in the seeds? Nobody knows.
The bacteria can do some reaction with the DNA of the humans. Some Scientists say. Then why go for the BT-Brinjal?

Monsanto, the global giant is the seed producer of this BT-Brinjal. For every seed the farmer has to go to them. Once the BT-Brinjal is allowed all local varieties will be destroyed and the bio-diversity will end there.

Do we need this much quantity of brinjal? Can’t we produce our requirement with more scientific way of cultivation other than the Terminator Technology? Sure We can.

Monsanto, Astra Zenaca, Delta & Pine Land are some of the seed companies minting money by monopolizing seed selling.

Do we need to fall into the hands of these killer gene companies or sustain our bio-diversity and survive?


  1. hai, i read ur blog.
    its gr8 as regards ur ideas and views. its high tym people should realise the system we are living in is corrupted and its again tym to start first revolt of independence

  2. Your concern about this upcoming menace is really appreciative.Actually i think the common mass is groping in the darkness of ignorance.Its our turn to protect our land."So we must do what we must do...."

  3. i like ur blogs .i find this when googling about bt brinjal and read allmost all ur blogs .i think ,i think like u think .but i dont have so knowlege in depth and breath as u do..................wish u all the best

  4. the blog on the bt brinjal was very informative esoecially from the point of view of the cororate giants all set to gobble the world up. we should also not forget the health hazards that had been in discussion, mainly the problems it can create for the smooth functioning of our liver. do we need to try this new crop on the risk of our health

  5. Genetic Engineering has an optimistic view towards evaluating the high crop yield resulting from GM crops. But the approach has serious environmental effects. I think the Government should re-examine their policies towards introducing a genetic transformation in the crops. The effort should be towards maximizing crop yield by encouraging the agricultural sector and taking necessary steps to transform unused lands to productive areas, not by giving excess burden of production to existing fields.