Friday, February 26, 2010

Doctors in Kerala

Palatial bungalows, expensive limousines, lavish living- it is the life style of Doctors of Kerala Government Medical Colleges. Not from the hard earned money but from that extorted from the poor and helpless patients. Also fortune comes from drug companies as gratitude for indiscriminately prescribing their junk medicines. Doctors fear these facilities will come to an end with the stoppage of private practice and the mere thought of it sends tremors down their spines. Even 5 months without private practice made them mad and they are out openly for private practice.

Why are they clamoring for private practice? What professional ethics or medical ethics warrants private practice? It is not an urge or enthusiasm for treating patients. If it is an obsession and they really want to treat the patients even after duty hours why can’t they remain in the hospitals and help them like their counterparts doing in Regional Cancer Centre or Sri Chithra Institute of Medical Science in Thiruvananthapuram? In that case all the patients can very well get their service from the hospital itself. So private practice at their houses is nothing but a cover up to forcefully take money from their patients at the hospitals.

Doctors challenge that they will do private practice and collect money but they forget the simple truth that it is not their personal like or dislike but that they need patients. If patients are against private practice what will happen? Also what happens if people do not allow doctors private practice?


  1. I do agree that there is a great amount of brouhaha on private practise. But i dont understand the government decision to ban private practise completely. What is the problem in approving private practice after duty hours. Anyways it is upto the people to opt for the facilities in the hospital or go consult the doctor privately.....

  2. I strongly support Govt. in this decision to ban doctor's private practice. My friend Dev doesn't know few things. The Doctors ask the patients to come and meet them at home for fees. The doctors dont attend patients properly in hospital in order to collect their fees. They make patients in hospital horrible intentionally. Let them work in hospital during duty time and balance time is for thier famiy; let them to take care of their hus/wife and children in the evening rather than making more money. And thereby we can avoid a social evil as well.

  3. All pvt practices are only for money making and not because of any sympathy towards poor patients. 99% of doctors working in the P.H.Cs\C.H.Cs of kerla are works in the forenoon only.They went for the pvt practice without taking any leave in every afternoon .Eventhough they are accepting full salary they works only as part time workers. The D.M.Os or any other statelevel officers doesn't take any action against this crime.This proces is going on with their support.To avoid this the culprits should be captured and punished. MADAN PPD.