Thursday, April 29, 2010


Private Medical College managements demanded another fees hike. With the initial threat of “dire consequences” etc. the authorities, in all probability will succumb before the might of the private managements ultimately as in the past.

Kerala Government should take stock of the infrastructure facilities and faculty available in these medical colleges. Most of the names shown as faculty is only for publicizing and classes are run by skeletal staff, some of them not even qualified as per stipulation. Dearth of patients is another problem haunting these colleges. The students of a private dental college near Thiruvananthapuram, which was in news for suicide of a student allegedly due to harassment by teachers, have to go down the streets in search of patients for their final year examinations. It is a common feature in many colleges. Some colleges do not pay a single rupee to the doctors on internship and it looks like bonded labour.

If Kerala Government is not empowered to control these colleges or unable to do any thing in this regard let them conduct a study by a committee and submit the report to Medical Council/ Dental Council/Government of India so that they will initiate action.

Medical Council President Dr. Kethan Desai's arrest by CBI on charge of bribe of 2 crores for approval of new private medical colleges is any indication let the Government probe that angle also.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Kerala is the hub of harthals. Harthal is imposed on flimsy grounds and on ridiculous reasoning forcing people into undue hardships and inflicting great loss and damage to the country. It serves no purpose other than personal gain for a minority but retards the economic growth of the nation.

People irrespective of their political affiliations despise and hate harthals. They vociferously fight against it but their voice is drowned by the organized might of its sponsors. Adding insult to injury, the people are asked to cooperate to get them harassed! The arrogance and contempt for the people reaching its pinnacle!

The only way to extirpate this evil before it exterminates us is to ostracize the persons calling harthals. Boycott all the functions attended by them. Show the power of people in the only place they can, in elections, and defeat them ruthlessly.

Responsible media have a lot to do. Black out all their functions and statements. Indian Express has spearheaded the fight against harthal and they can lead the lot.

Remember our fight is for our survival

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Shashi Tharoor now has the halo of a martyr and blessings of the power that steers the nation, he should do every thing legally possible to eliminate the evil elements that were instrumental in his ouster. His ardent supporters file a PIL in Kerala High Court praying a proper enquiry in the affairs of BCCI & IPL.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Kerala’s rendezvous with IPL stirred a hornet’s nest. Murky dealings to own IPL teams, proxy, underhand payments etc. came out. Many skeletons will tumble down from BCCI’s cupboard once the IT probe is over.

From the day one IPL was formed everybody knew it as a big-money game by big-wigs and quite naturally a circuit for money laundering. The sponsors, many unheard before, emerged from nowhere all of a sudden with new companies, probably of tax havens. But the authorities kept silent all these years, the people involved were VVIPs. Now the formation of Kochi team have woke them up and made them probe. Affairs of all teams, antecedents of sponsors and their source of income are to be investigated thoroughly. Let us hope that the probe will go in the right direction and all the dealings unearthed.

Lalith Modi’s tirade against Shashi Tharoor even stalled parliament with opposition parties crying for Tharoor’s blood. Battle lines are drawn and like “Kaurava” army all the veterans are behind Modi with Tharoor standing lonely. The Malayalees who have shown immense enthusiasm and showered lavish praise on Shashi Tharoor at getting Kochi-IPL are dead silent now and seem to have deserted Tharoor. Even Film Star Mohanlal and director Priyadarshan boasted of bidding for a Kerala team and expressed the possibility of joining sponsors after Kochi team came into existence are nowhere to be seen.

Everybody is very cautious. Why? BJP and CPM are against Tharoor,Congress has not come out in his support so far. So Malayalees do not have any opinion.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


We have shown nerves to try the Pak LeT terrorist Kasab ignoring the pressure and non-cooperation from across the border and the objections of the pseudo-human right activists.

The trial is over with more than 650 witnesses examined. We have seen CCTV footages of that terrorist killing several innocent Indians on 26/11 at Mumbai. He deserves no mercy.  It will be a lesson for the local terrorists like Thadiyantavide Nazeer and his accomplices.

Waiting for 3rd May, 2010. The judgement day.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Pope has been making a lot of apologies lately for the sexual abuses of his priests world over. In July 2008 he apologized at St. Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney for child abuses of the clergy in Australia. Two years later in March 2010 Pope Benedict XVI apologized to the Irish people- "I openly repress my shame and remorse that we all feel."

Pope’s brother Gorg Ratzinger, whose choir group is accused of child abuse asked forgiveness for the victims in Germany.

A report by Irish Government says of one priest abusing more than 100 children and another abused children each two weeks for more than 25 years.

In Switzerland 60 cases are under investigation. Catholic churches in US has paid over 1.1 billion dollars to victims from 2004.

All the above shows sex abuse by clergy is on the increase every where in the world including of course India. The chance of it being hushed up is more here. The immunity claimed in the name of ‘minority community’ and clever political maneuvering cover-up the crimes in India.

The people have to be more vigilant against these crimes as the people behind these criminals are rich and hence powerful and they will do any dirty things to cover up.

 An apology comes after confession of sin. The wages of sin is death.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


IPL Kochi- All are busy researching a name for it. What about cheer girls? Kochi has no glamourous women sponsors to jump,hug and kiss in the galleries. We have to outsource. Cheergirls are part of the game, to add spice to Fours and Sixes with their tickling performance.

Their dress code? Why can’t it be Kerala’s traditional “mundu” and “naryathu”? Any problem as it covers whole body? When their blithe, buxom and debonair counterparts in other teams are showing so much how can Kochi be far behind? There is a way out. With every boundary pull down the “neryathu” from bosom and lift the “mundu” up to the shorts and dance.