Thursday, April 29, 2010


Private Medical College managements demanded another fees hike. With the initial threat of “dire consequences” etc. the authorities, in all probability will succumb before the might of the private managements ultimately as in the past.

Kerala Government should take stock of the infrastructure facilities and faculty available in these medical colleges. Most of the names shown as faculty is only for publicizing and classes are run by skeletal staff, some of them not even qualified as per stipulation. Dearth of patients is another problem haunting these colleges. The students of a private dental college near Thiruvananthapuram, which was in news for suicide of a student allegedly due to harassment by teachers, have to go down the streets in search of patients for their final year examinations. It is a common feature in many colleges. Some colleges do not pay a single rupee to the doctors on internship and it looks like bonded labour.

If Kerala Government is not empowered to control these colleges or unable to do any thing in this regard let them conduct a study by a committee and submit the report to Medical Council/ Dental Council/Government of India so that they will initiate action.

Medical Council President Dr. Kethan Desai's arrest by CBI on charge of bribe of 2 crores for approval of new private medical colleges is any indication let the Government probe that angle also.

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