Saturday, April 17, 2010


Kerala’s rendezvous with IPL stirred a hornet’s nest. Murky dealings to own IPL teams, proxy, underhand payments etc. came out. Many skeletons will tumble down from BCCI’s cupboard once the IT probe is over.

From the day one IPL was formed everybody knew it as a big-money game by big-wigs and quite naturally a circuit for money laundering. The sponsors, many unheard before, emerged from nowhere all of a sudden with new companies, probably of tax havens. But the authorities kept silent all these years, the people involved were VVIPs. Now the formation of Kochi team have woke them up and made them probe. Affairs of all teams, antecedents of sponsors and their source of income are to be investigated thoroughly. Let us hope that the probe will go in the right direction and all the dealings unearthed.

Lalith Modi’s tirade against Shashi Tharoor even stalled parliament with opposition parties crying for Tharoor’s blood. Battle lines are drawn and like “Kaurava” army all the veterans are behind Modi with Tharoor standing lonely. The Malayalees who have shown immense enthusiasm and showered lavish praise on Shashi Tharoor at getting Kochi-IPL are dead silent now and seem to have deserted Tharoor. Even Film Star Mohanlal and director Priyadarshan boasted of bidding for a Kerala team and expressed the possibility of joining sponsors after Kochi team came into existence are nowhere to be seen.

Everybody is very cautious. Why? BJP and CPM are against Tharoor,Congress has not come out in his support so far. So Malayalees do not have any opinion.

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