Sunday, August 29, 2010



“Two persons (the one who ran the lottery and the one who won the cow, as prize) gained without doing any work, and gained at the expense of the ninety-nine who lost their money. Thus, those who say that lotteries are advantageous to the people are simply practising deceit on the people.” 

Who said these words? None other than Lenin, the God of communists of all the world.

Isn't it applicable to all lotteries whether sponsored by Governments or Private parties?

Why can’t we listen to the Communist acharya and stop the lottery in Kerala?

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Kerala Government is planning to install sanitary napkin vending machines in 900 schools. At Rs. 12000/- a machine, the project will cost around Rs. 1.10 crores. Hindustan Life Care Ltd. has been entrusted with this job it is learnt. It is not a wise decision to give away this huge amount just for dispensing machines.

The manufacturing of the napkins will obviously be done by big monopolistic companies and Kerala industry will not be benefited out of this proposition. So this money of 1.10 crores being invested for the vending machines should be given as the capital cost for starting small scale units manufacturing napkins at all districts as the process of manufacturing is simple and the cost of machinery very less. The Kudumbasree workers can take care of supplying napkins to the schools.

The proposed selling cost of napkin is one rupee and naturally the Government has to subsidize. This amount can be used as the running cost of these units instead of giving it to big companies. The Small scale Industry in Kerala will develop providing jobs to many people.

Friday, August 13, 2010


From the open air Malayalee has improved into the privacy of the lavatory but is still ages behind in the matter of public toilets. The concept of public toilets is alien to hotels, shopping places, petrol pumps etc. where people frequent and the namesake facilities at bus stands and railway stations are the ugliest and most unhygienic, the very thought of it will bring in nausea and using it will bring in diseases. The travelling public are the worst affected. Men still manage to urinate in the open but women folks reluctant to follow suit are destined to hold it and succumb to urinary infection and other more serious diseases.

Our Government is to be blamed for this ridiculous and shameful situation. They are spending crores of rupees to educate people the importance of personal hygiene. Advertisements in visual and print media ask people to wash their hands properly afterwards but are silent about lavatories. Government should enact legislation to make it compulsory to put up proper and hygiene toilets at every hotel, shopping malls, restaurants and other such buildings, bus stations etc. where people visit. Banks operate ATMs everywhere in our State. It should be made mandatory for the banks to put up state-of-the-art toilets along with ATMs that can be opened using the ATM card which will a great relief especially for motorists to relieve themselves.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Governor has returned the list of Kerala University Senate nominees. The opposition parties were crying foul over the list alleging inclusion of political persons. If the opposition parties are really sincere about what they said why can't they present an alternative list of eminent scholars who can bring back the glory of this august body, also to show the world that Kerala is not short of honest men having excellent track record.