Sunday, August 29, 2010



“Two persons (the one who ran the lottery and the one who won the cow, as prize) gained without doing any work, and gained at the expense of the ninety-nine who lost their money. Thus, those who say that lotteries are advantageous to the people are simply practising deceit on the people.” 

Who said these words? None other than Lenin, the God of communists of all the world.

Isn't it applicable to all lotteries whether sponsored by Governments or Private parties?

Why can’t we listen to the Communist acharya and stop the lottery in Kerala?


  1. Now it is not applicable to Govt,as there is no Acharya for them.

  2. Why blame the govt. when people are all over the prospect of trying their lady luck. Many who know they are being fooled still refuse to give up the addiction of "lottery". Among the common man there are people who spend not less than half of their monthly income in buying lotteries. Some of the lotteries may be deceptive as well but it is a paradox that lottery business still remains the source of employment to many a youth and disabled persons. Rather than altogether abolishing the business it would be preferable to bring in stringent laws or even government control over the non-governmental lotteries.