Friday, August 13, 2010


From the open air Malayalee has improved into the privacy of the lavatory but is still ages behind in the matter of public toilets. The concept of public toilets is alien to hotels, shopping places, petrol pumps etc. where people frequent and the namesake facilities at bus stands and railway stations are the ugliest and most unhygienic, the very thought of it will bring in nausea and using it will bring in diseases. The travelling public are the worst affected. Men still manage to urinate in the open but women folks reluctant to follow suit are destined to hold it and succumb to urinary infection and other more serious diseases.

Our Government is to be blamed for this ridiculous and shameful situation. They are spending crores of rupees to educate people the importance of personal hygiene. Advertisements in visual and print media ask people to wash their hands properly afterwards but are silent about lavatories. Government should enact legislation to make it compulsory to put up proper and hygiene toilets at every hotel, shopping malls, restaurants and other such buildings, bus stations etc. where people visit. Banks operate ATMs everywhere in our State. It should be made mandatory for the banks to put up state-of-the-art toilets along with ATMs that can be opened using the ATM card which will a great relief especially for motorists to relieve themselves.


  1. This is an important topic and I am glad you bought it out.

    In fact, though it is important that gov't should educate, which is a top down approach, it should also be a grassroots, bottom up apporach. Individuals have to see the value in this and also respect it. People need to respect the need and availability of clean, public toilets. For instance, leaving the toilet clean after use is one important rule. This is a problem everywhere (I am In USA and it's a problem here too.)

    There also has to be a change in the mind set of the workers who clean toilets. I think this is a big problem in India. No one wants to clean toilets- to have public toilets that the public wants to use, there needs also to be people who are willing to work to do these jobs and also the public needs to respect their work. IN US if I see a janitor in the bathroom/toilet/lavatory, I go out of my way to make small talk with the person and also to thank them for their hard work. It's not a job I am sure they really want to do, but I am happy someone is doing it. It's a great service to the community.

  2. It will taken note of the committee and make it as a agenda for the next meeting

  3. Setting up of a public toilet is indeed related to the provision of basic infra structure. Toilets have been made mandatory in every petrol pump and this has been a real breath of relief for people travelling long distances. But as has been mentioned in the earlier post hygiene is always a problem. Each one who use the toilet think it is not their duty to keep the toilet clean as there will be paid employees for the same. There is an innate need to cultivate civic sense and responsibility among the people if this venture has to be a success.