Sunday, October 31, 2010


The security cover at Sabarimala temple was very poor during the 5 day pooja this month. The man at the metal detector was looking other side as the machine was sending long beeps. Mobile phones were rampantly used inside the temple precinct and the police was busy shoving away the devotees to pave way for special darshan of VIPS.Even though it was not season fairly large crowd was there but the police had a casual approach and nothing untowards happens by the grace of Lord Ayyappa.

 Now the Mandalam-Vilakku season starts shortly and security measures are to be tightened. Powerful CCTV cameras to be put at 'Nadapandal' and at important places as part of crowd control and as security measure. Fleecing of devotees in the name of special 'darshan' of 'thanthri' and 'melshanti' to be stopped to reduce unnecessary crowd inside the temple. 'Ney' for 'abhishekam' to be sent in and out through a conveyor belt. Aravana is no more a 'nivedyam' prepared inside the temple but in commercial plants outside, such plants should be put up at Pamba and Nilackal and sale from there will bring down crowd at 'Sannidhanam'.


Bogus voting was rampant in the recently held Panchayath election, alleged the political parties. Then why none of them demanded to the Election Commission for making ID proof compulsory? Or they secretly desired to have this way?


Kerala State Road Trasnport Corporation ban of "Swami Saranam" stcikers on its special buses to Sabarimala  is immature, unprofessional and appears to be for appeasing hardcore communalists.  Nobody has so far complained about it and it was accepted as a good gesture to the millions of Ayyappa devotees travelling in the KSRTC buses. And the irony is that KSRTC which is running in to losses is surviving only on the extra money charged from the Ayyappa devotees  during the season.

It is good that the order is withdrawn. Hope that the immature brains will not venture into similar mis-adventures.

Friday, October 22, 2010


Commonwealth Games, the 70,000 crore rupees (?) extravaganza in the name of sports has come to a close. More than the medals India got, the corruption  is getting in to news. 8000 crore rupee worth of corruption was found out by the CAG in the preliminary round and much to come out in the following days when all the agencies, Enforcement directorate,DRI, Income Tax Department and CBI etc. explore more. Whether it will have the same fate of the infamous Bofors kickback which had a neat burial is for us to wait and watch.

Most of our medals are in the usual events like wrestling, shooting, boxing, archery etc. and performance in track and field events is very poor. It shows that sports as a whole has not made any improvement with the CWG.Will our athletes gain much out of this game? Not much it seems. So why can’t we pull out of the future Commonwealth games and instead spend the money to provide facilities to the sportsmen to improve their performances.
 We know the inhuman conditions under which our sportsmen live and practice. Torn out jersies,sub-standard boots and undernourised diet are what our sportsmen get now. Why can't the amount spent for the CWG should be spent for the real sportspersons? With this money wasted on CWG we can provide world class facilities,equipments,food and coaches. And our sportsmen will rise to international level.

Monday, October 18, 2010


27 floors, 570 ft. high, 40,0000 sq. ft., 3 helipads, 160 vehicle parking and what not , everything available on earth. Not any hotel or commercial complex. But a residence. The residence for the stay of just 4 persons, Mukersh Ambani, his wife and two children. At the cost of a whopping 4000 crore rupees. He is the richest man in India. But will that entitle him for this national wastage? Plundering the natural resources to show off his wealth and clout in the administration?

His wealth is the blood and toil of the people. Earned through unscrupulous methods. Remember, BEHIND EVERY FORTURE THERE IS A CRIME (Balzac)

Hundreds of tonnes of steel, cement, sand, wood, marble, glass and other natural materials have gone into this gigantic residence. All of them taken from the earth, the common property of the living beings of the world. He was plundering the planet and usurping his fellow beings. Outrage on the people of the world!

It is in Mumbai. Not far away from this heaven of Ambani is Amaravathi district where 98 children  died of malnutrition in this September alone. This is common sight everywhere in India.37% of India’s current population of 115 crore people, are below poverty line. 170 million people are slum dwellers. 78 million people are homeless in India.

And in this scenario Mr. Mukersh Ambani and his family of 4 are staying in the 4000 crore rupee house! Are you not ashamed Mr. Mukesh?

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Ayodhya judgment of the Allahabad High Court came out  and the whole nation heaved  a sigh of relief. It was a war like situation prevailing in the country for the last some days, with ban orders, forces out in arms, a massive preparation to face any eventuality. None of the litigants appear to have any serious grievance about the judgment, even though, for the sake of creating an impression before their followers, all of them have announced their intention to move the Supreme Court.

Now it is the turn of the so called legal experts to exercise restraint. Already some of them have come out terming it as 'panchayathi justice' or so. Let these legal hawks stop scratching their head to find flaws in the judgement as all the peace loving Indians are fully happy with the verdict.

What for  law is made? For the people to live in peace and for their well being. That purpose is served with this judgment. Then why these legal luminiaries think over ways to unsettle it and put nation in to chaos?

We have other priorities. The basic responsibility of providing food to the millions of starving people. Development of the nation and its people and a lot more.

So let us not inflame passion and exploit sentiments in the name of the Ramajanmabhoomi verdict. Allow peaceful co-existence and communal harmony.