Friday, October 22, 2010


Commonwealth Games, the 70,000 crore rupees (?) extravaganza in the name of sports has come to a close. More than the medals India got, the corruption  is getting in to news. 8000 crore rupee worth of corruption was found out by the CAG in the preliminary round and much to come out in the following days when all the agencies, Enforcement directorate,DRI, Income Tax Department and CBI etc. explore more. Whether it will have the same fate of the infamous Bofors kickback which had a neat burial is for us to wait and watch.

Most of our medals are in the usual events like wrestling, shooting, boxing, archery etc. and performance in track and field events is very poor. It shows that sports as a whole has not made any improvement with the CWG.Will our athletes gain much out of this game? Not much it seems. So why can’t we pull out of the future Commonwealth games and instead spend the money to provide facilities to the sportsmen to improve their performances.
 We know the inhuman conditions under which our sportsmen live and practice. Torn out jersies,sub-standard boots and undernourised diet are what our sportsmen get now. Why can't the amount spent for the CWG should be spent for the real sportspersons? With this money wasted on CWG we can provide world class facilities,equipments,food and coaches. And our sportsmen will rise to international level.

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