Monday, October 18, 2010


27 floors, 570 ft. high, 40,0000 sq. ft., 3 helipads, 160 vehicle parking and what not , everything available on earth. Not any hotel or commercial complex. But a residence. The residence for the stay of just 4 persons, Mukersh Ambani, his wife and two children. At the cost of a whopping 4000 crore rupees. He is the richest man in India. But will that entitle him for this national wastage? Plundering the natural resources to show off his wealth and clout in the administration?

His wealth is the blood and toil of the people. Earned through unscrupulous methods. Remember, BEHIND EVERY FORTURE THERE IS A CRIME (Balzac)

Hundreds of tonnes of steel, cement, sand, wood, marble, glass and other natural materials have gone into this gigantic residence. All of them taken from the earth, the common property of the living beings of the world. He was plundering the planet and usurping his fellow beings. Outrage on the people of the world!

It is in Mumbai. Not far away from this heaven of Ambani is Amaravathi district where 98 children  died of malnutrition in this September alone. This is common sight everywhere in India.37% of India’s current population of 115 crore people, are below poverty line. 170 million people are slum dwellers. 78 million people are homeless in India.

And in this scenario Mr. Mukersh Ambani and his family of 4 are staying in the 4000 crore rupee house! Are you not ashamed Mr. Mukesh?

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  1. His ego will survive. What about the ego of all the rich ones, who have huge mansions while his neighbor is run away from his property for government gains.

    I guess that 37% is also illiterate. And most of the 63% of the rest are running around making their own lives.

    If 100% educated Kerala can't be an example, I don't know where the good will come for India?