Saturday, October 2, 2010


Ayodhya judgment of the Allahabad High Court came out  and the whole nation heaved  a sigh of relief. It was a war like situation prevailing in the country for the last some days, with ban orders, forces out in arms, a massive preparation to face any eventuality. None of the litigants appear to have any serious grievance about the judgment, even though, for the sake of creating an impression before their followers, all of them have announced their intention to move the Supreme Court.

Now it is the turn of the so called legal experts to exercise restraint. Already some of them have come out terming it as 'panchayathi justice' or so. Let these legal hawks stop scratching their head to find flaws in the judgement as all the peace loving Indians are fully happy with the verdict.

What for  law is made? For the people to live in peace and for their well being. That purpose is served with this judgment. Then why these legal luminiaries think over ways to unsettle it and put nation in to chaos?

We have other priorities. The basic responsibility of providing food to the millions of starving people. Development of the nation and its people and a lot more.

So let us not inflame passion and exploit sentiments in the name of the Ramajanmabhoomi verdict. Allow peaceful co-existence and communal harmony.

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