Saturday, September 25, 2010


Strange that all the three of them,the self financing medical college managements, the Justice Mohammad Committee and the Kerala Government in a single voice hailed the Supreme Court verdict to conduct another entrance examination for the unfilled 97 plus seats.

Had it been the case why the managements have moved the Supreme Court against the High court order of cancelling their private entrance examination? They could have informed the High Court of a new test.

Mohammed Committee now says that he will supervise a new examination. Why the Committee did not tell the High Court that the earlier test was unauthorised, not transparent and that he did not endorse it? The Committee remained totally silent  about his roll.

Why the Govenrment remained mute spectator when the management forced students to pay 10 lakh rupees cash and 22 lakhs bank guarantee in one day? Had it been challenged in the Supreme Court enough students would have got chance and the 97 seats would have been filled.

The 2008 test conducted by the same managements under the very same Mohammed committee has been nullified by the High Court. 

Management says they have conducted the test transparently, under the supervision of the Committee and has the full endorsement of the Mohammed Committee. The Committee remain silent about this allegation or about its endorsement.

The new entrance test is to be held on 10th October.
Since both the examinations of 2008 and 2010 were found illegal by the courts the credibility of the private management is at stake and will it be wise to entrust them to commit another fraud on the innocent students? Mohammed Committee was very much there on both the occassions. Time is running out and the prospective candidates should bring the matter before the Supreme Court and get a direction to the Commissioner of Entrance Examinations to the conduct the test.

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