Thursday, September 2, 2010


Where the legislature refuses to deliver, the judiciary steps in with welfare measures. Supreme Court’s ORDER, not suggestion, to give food grains free or at low cost to people below poverty line is the land mark judgment in the backdrop of the ridiculous situation of millions of tonnes of food grains rotting in godowns. Subsidized food grains are absolutely unnecessary for the APL which is evident from their life style. Sale figures of cars, gold, real estate and growth of hotels, resorts, airlines etc. stand testimony to their spending spree. Most of the APL people are in the habit of ‘eating out’ at least once a day. Then why these guys need subsidized food?

The gap between the have and have nots has widened alarmingly. The legislature should come up with some programme with one per cent of the enthusiasm and solidarity  they showed in the the fight for their pay hike, to provide at least a square meal a day to the poor.

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