Sunday, September 19, 2010


Right to Information Act is the Magna Carta of the ordinary Indian citizens enabling them to know the truth which was forbidden and to know how they are being exploited and cheated by the administration, the rich and the influential. Its creators never visualised its enormous powers and never expected that it will expose them one day. Once they realised it, they tried in vain to clip its wings but public opinion saved the Act from being downsized and it remains as the foundation stone of the right and liberties of the Indian people.

Now it is the mafia with the connivance of the rulers are moving against the RTI applicants. Two prominent RTI activists were murdered by the goons recently for having in possession some  incriminating information. It should not be allowed to happen in future.

 An association of all genuine RTI activists all over India is the need of the hour to counter the increasing threat and onslaught of the bewlidered mafia. RTI activits should immediately start a portal and all important information obtained under the Act should be puhlished in it for the benefit of the public and keep it as a venue for interation. Once this movement is made stronger the murderers will be fully exposed and will be scared to touch the RTI applicants.

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