Saturday, September 25, 2010


Strange that all the three of them,the self financing medical college managements, the Justice Mohammad Committee and the Kerala Government in a single voice hailed the Supreme Court verdict to conduct another entrance examination for the unfilled 97 plus seats.

Had it been the case why the managements have moved the Supreme Court against the High court order of cancelling their private entrance examination? They could have informed the High Court of a new test.

Mohammed Committee now says that he will supervise a new examination. Why the Committee did not tell the High Court that the earlier test was unauthorised, not transparent and that he did not endorse it? The Committee remained totally silent  about his roll.

Why the Govenrment remained mute spectator when the management forced students to pay 10 lakh rupees cash and 22 lakhs bank guarantee in one day? Had it been challenged in the Supreme Court enough students would have got chance and the 97 seats would have been filled.

The 2008 test conducted by the same managements under the very same Mohammed committee has been nullified by the High Court. 

Management says they have conducted the test transparently, under the supervision of the Committee and has the full endorsement of the Mohammed Committee. The Committee remain silent about this allegation or about its endorsement.

The new entrance test is to be held on 10th October.
Since both the examinations of 2008 and 2010 were found illegal by the courts the credibility of the private management is at stake and will it be wise to entrust them to commit another fraud on the innocent students? Mohammed Committee was very much there on both the occassions. Time is running out and the prospective candidates should bring the matter before the Supreme Court and get a direction to the Commissioner of Entrance Examinations to the conduct the test.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Right to Information Act is the Magna Carta of the ordinary Indian citizens enabling them to know the truth which was forbidden and to know how they are being exploited and cheated by the administration, the rich and the influential. Its creators never visualised its enormous powers and never expected that it will expose them one day. Once they realised it, they tried in vain to clip its wings but public opinion saved the Act from being downsized and it remains as the foundation stone of the right and liberties of the Indian people.

Now it is the mafia with the connivance of the rulers are moving against the RTI applicants. Two prominent RTI activists were murdered by the goons recently for having in possession some  incriminating information. It should not be allowed to happen in future.

 An association of all genuine RTI activists all over India is the need of the hour to counter the increasing threat and onslaught of the bewlidered mafia. RTI activits should immediately start a portal and all important information obtained under the Act should be puhlished in it for the benefit of the public and keep it as a venue for interation. Once this movement is made stronger the murderers will be fully exposed and will be scared to touch the RTI applicants.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Aranmula airport project was given green signal on condition that alternate land equal to the paddy fields already filled by the promoters is to be given to Government. Still the 350 acres of paddy fields will be lost to the people forever. Here comes the question whether an airport is required at Aranmula, which is in between Trivandrum and Cochin airports, just about 150 kilometrers or around 3 hours journey away. To avoid this journey do we need destruction of 500 acres of valuable agricultural land and wasting of 2000 crores of rupees?

Already we have three airports in the small densely populated state of Kerala, which cannot afford any more. The Aranmula airport is the brainchild of some filthy rich US Malayalees to show off their wealth and satisfy their false ego. It is an irony that  the same fellows who have gone to Bombay in II class train and then to US want to land in their court yards! Land mafia also plays a major role. Aranmula airport is totally unwanted and an ecological disaster of our already fragile land. Let the promoters turn wise and instead invest the money on the roads from Cochin and Trivandrum airports to Aranmula.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Where the legislature refuses to deliver, the judiciary steps in with welfare measures. Supreme Court’s ORDER, not suggestion, to give food grains free or at low cost to people below poverty line is the land mark judgment in the backdrop of the ridiculous situation of millions of tonnes of food grains rotting in godowns. Subsidized food grains are absolutely unnecessary for the APL which is evident from their life style. Sale figures of cars, gold, real estate and growth of hotels, resorts, airlines etc. stand testimony to their spending spree. Most of the APL people are in the habit of ‘eating out’ at least once a day. Then why these guys need subsidized food?

The gap between the have and have nots has widened alarmingly. The legislature should come up with some programme with one per cent of the enthusiasm and solidarity  they showed in the the fight for their pay hike, to provide at least a square meal a day to the poor.


Supreme Court verdict directing to admit students for MBBS from the State Common Entrance Test is what the parents and students have been aspiring for years and what the Kerala Government and the SFC managements have been blocking. It is a heavy blow to the unholy alliance of the Government and the SFC. The selling of seats for 50 or 60 lakhs should  have to come to an end with this verdict of the apex court.

There need not be any apprehension about the fate of the students already got admission under Government quota as they have got it under merit. The doubt about not getting students on the higher management fees is also out of place as the students can study now without shelling out the 50 lakhs. We need not worry about the students who have been selected on the basis of “the private entrance" as this has been termed as illegal and not transparent by the courts. That test conducted by the private managements was only an eye wash to fool the people of Kerala.