Wednesday, October 14, 2009


As a sequel to the banning of private practice, the doctors are resorting to taking leave en-masse and seeking voluntary retirement. It is nothing but a pressure tactics and a revenge of denying them chance to extort the poor patient and mint money simultaneously taking salary from the ex-chequer ( the money of the public).
These doctors are seeing lot of deaths daily but still not understood the hollowness of life. They become more greedy and in the race for amassing money just forgetting the eternal truth that life is momentary and that nobdoy takes any thing when they die.
The Government should not backtrack fearing the threat of these doctors. If they want to leave Government service let them do it. Once they leave the government service they will be zero as their private practice was build on the label of Government service. There are lot of doctors outside Kerala who are ready to serve our people. Let the Government look for doctors from all over India who are willingly come forward to serve the poor people of Kerala.


By refusing to budge to the pressure for granting sanction blindfold to big projects, the Chief Minister was declaring solidarity with the nature and millions of poor people of Kerala.
Kerala is a small state densely populated. We are blessed with forests,hills,lakes,rivers, streams and greenery and there is no scope for any largescale projects here. Small projects, without disturbing the trans and serene atmosphere and the peaceful life of the flora and fauna is the only thing ideal for us.
Large projects will help a handful to amass wealth but it will be a great ecological disaster for our state.
People have to come out against such projects.


"God's Own Country" has once again came in the lime light for its callous handling of tourists. 45 innocent people lost their lives in the watery grave at Thekkady.

Visuals of the horrible incident,the dead bodies of the unfortunate, the cries and sobs of the survivors and grief stricken relatives seen in the TV channels were really heartbereaking. In the interviews the people who are directly, indirectly or morally responsible for these gory incident as usual put up the stock ex-pressions of shock,disbelief and grief before the viewers. Each was carefully silent about the omission on his part as minister, official, opposition member or politician.
This is the 15th boat accident in the row since the Kannamali incident of 1980. That was enquired by a judge and since then many inquiry commissions were appointed on such accidents. Most of the enquiry report are put in cold storage and the suggestions or precautions were ignored and not implemented.Nothing is done to prevent recurrence. The memories of the accidents will fade away and it takes another accident to highlight the shortcomings of the system. Most of the boats run in tourism spots and on regular tranport services are without the required safety standards and everybody knows it. But action is not taken.We are simply waiting for another accident taking away many lives to occur to initiate an enquiry.
This is God's Own Country and only God can save us.