Sunday, October 31, 2010


The security cover at Sabarimala temple was very poor during the 5 day pooja this month. The man at the metal detector was looking other side as the machine was sending long beeps. Mobile phones were rampantly used inside the temple precinct and the police was busy shoving away the devotees to pave way for special darshan of VIPS.Even though it was not season fairly large crowd was there but the police had a casual approach and nothing untowards happens by the grace of Lord Ayyappa.

 Now the Mandalam-Vilakku season starts shortly and security measures are to be tightened. Powerful CCTV cameras to be put at 'Nadapandal' and at important places as part of crowd control and as security measure. Fleecing of devotees in the name of special 'darshan' of 'thanthri' and 'melshanti' to be stopped to reduce unnecessary crowd inside the temple. 'Ney' for 'abhishekam' to be sent in and out through a conveyor belt. Aravana is no more a 'nivedyam' prepared inside the temple but in commercial plants outside, such plants should be put up at Pamba and Nilackal and sale from there will bring down crowd at 'Sannidhanam'.

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