Friday, November 12, 2010


The local body election in Kerala is just over and all parties were trying their maximum to wrest  control over the adminsitration. Mutual  help by rival parties in many places need not be seen as unholy or immoral but as a positive sign towards emergence of a new culture of apolitical administration. There is no clash of ideals among the parties as none of them have any ideals other than reaching power. It is also not against their manifesto as most do not have it and those who released do not go by it.
The people have exercised their right to vote, their only role in our democracy, intelligently and the fluid situation of no body having majority is its result. It is people's will, as they have only options of devil and deep sea, to have an administration devoid of petty political considerations but one based on real developmental agenda. So the newly elected representatives should rise to the occasion and to the expectations of the people and should present an administration for the people.

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