Monday, November 15, 2010


Children are born with deformities. Remember Sainaba, the girl with a very large head and a lean body? (see her photo in my post 'endosulfan' of 10th December,2009).Physically and mentally retarded "children" of 20 or 30 years of age who cannot move without the help from others live there. 3 people die every month. All these are the result of the deadly poisonous pesticide, endosulfan which was sprayed extensively on the cashew plantations in Kasargod. The people of Kerala are waging a war against this pesticide which has poisoned the soil, air and water of Kasargod.
Even though it is now banned in Kerala, courtesy the humanitarian consideration of the High Court, it is being manufactured in bulk in our own state of Kerala. It is quite alarming that none of the trade union leaders have uttered a single word against endosulphan even though their own comrades are manufacturing the same. In this land of strikes not even a token strike called against this poison which kills our people slowly. Workers of Kerala unite and rise.

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  1. Logically, the workers involved in manufacturing Endosulfan should have been the major victims as they are closely in touch with the chemical. On the contrary, 6000 workers have stood against the Endosulan ban.