Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Pope has been making a lot of apologies lately for the sexual abuses of his priests world over. In July 2008 he apologized at St. Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney for child abuses of the clergy in Australia. Two years later in March 2010 Pope Benedict XVI apologized to the Irish people- "I openly repress my shame and remorse that we all feel."

Pope’s brother Gorg Ratzinger, whose choir group is accused of child abuse asked forgiveness for the victims in Germany.

A report by Irish Government says of one priest abusing more than 100 children and another abused children each two weeks for more than 25 years.

In Switzerland 60 cases are under investigation. Catholic churches in US has paid over 1.1 billion dollars to victims from 2004.

All the above shows sex abuse by clergy is on the increase every where in the world including of course India. The chance of it being hushed up is more here. The immunity claimed in the name of ‘minority community’ and clever political maneuvering cover-up the crimes in India.

The people have to be more vigilant against these crimes as the people behind these criminals are rich and hence powerful and they will do any dirty things to cover up.

 An apology comes after confession of sin. The wages of sin is death.

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