Monday, May 3, 2010


Police theories often appear strange and absurd. Truth is stranger than fiction but the investigation reports cannot be fictitious. The system is to be blamed. It is the local police who reach the scene of crime first. Other than the induction course and the physical training they do not have much knowledge of crime investigation. Lack of experience and knowledge causes omission and inadvertent destruction of vital evidences. Possibility of extraneous considerations forcing such conscious acts also cannot be ruled out. In either way the valuable evidences to pin down the actual culprits are lost. Local police are ill equipped to combat the advanced technology and incompetent or reluctant to adopt modern techniques and scientific methods to unravel the truth. Third degree is still their only weapon to solve crimes.

An exclusive branch for crime investigation is required for overcoming the present situation. One DGP with independent charge heading the Branch with District units under SP and local units at strategic places under a Dy. SP with nobody in between to prevent outside interferences and for smooth functioning of the system. All the personnel in the Branch should be well trained in investigation, efficient, enthusiastic with good track record and proven integrity. The Strategic Units should reach the scene of crime in no time and take up the investigation. The local police have to provide all the information as they are locally well connected. Once a proper method like this is adopted we can ensure that Palakkad like incidents do not occur in future.

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