Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Let us congratulate Dr. Ravi Pillai on getting the Padma and other prestigious awards and appreciate him for the charitable activities and social welfare measures he has undertaken. In the present day materialistic world where everybody is in a mad rush for amassing more wealth, the silver line for the downtrodden is philanthropists like Dr. Ravi Pillai. The mass marriage arranged for poor people, home for discarded parents, teaching of economically backward students etc. are exemplary acts deserved to be admired and appreciated.

It is learnt that he is toying with the idea of starting some industry and brooding over the nature of the industry. He is well experienced in the field of business and industry and it may be immature to make some suggestion in this regard. But since his social commitment overweighs the motive of profit it may not be out of place to make some suggestions.

Kerala is not fit for big industries due to the factors such as dense population, topography, fragile ecology etc. The land is ideal for small industries. Kerala is a consumer state and almost everything is brought from other states. It will be ideal if industry manufacturing the most- needed goods is started without disturbing the environment.

1. Soap, detergents, toothpaste, cosmetics, sanitary napkins. Considering the huge market potential it will be easy to capture the market monopolized by Hindusthan Unilver, Wipro, Johnson & Johnson etc. ITC are coming in a big way doing aggressive marketing.

2. Paint. Market is so big there is always room for new companies. Moreover, being a Kerala company it can easily make dents in the markets of the popular brands Asian, Nerolac, Berger,ICI, J&N.

3. Medicines. Big companies like Ranbaxy, Cipla, Glaxo Cadila etc. and a lot of small scale manufacturers of Indore and other cities, (fake and unscrupulous also take a huge share) rule the medicine market. A lot of scope for a local company to find out market in a big way.

By starting industry manufacturing these goods it can effectively  interfere in the local market in a big way. The label of Kerala industry and the credibility of the industrialist will play a big role in getting acceptance in the market. The advantage of marketing in the local area can bring down the prices much to the relief of the common man.

Let him locate the industry in his home district Kollam and the port at Kollam can be utilized to bring raw material from Gujarath, Maharashtra etc. which will bring down the cost as well as develop Kollam port.

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