Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Twenty thousand people died and thousands still suffering. That was the infamous Bhopal Gas Tragedy. And justice came after a long 25 years in the form of 2 years imprisonment to the culprits. They did not have to go behind bars even for one minute as they got bail for Rs. 25000/-. The main culprit Warren Anderson is enjoying life in US untouched, not even made accused in Bhopal killing.The whole world will be laughing at India. Had the incident been in US, the home of the company, Union Carbide would have been bankrupt and closed down by now paying billions of dollars compensation to the victims. But it is India and the victims were Indians. The life here is so cheap like that of pigs or dogs. So the company has thrown some peanuts to us, some paltry sum to the victims and escaped. It is a shame for us that we could not do anything to the company which has killed many of our people.

Hundreds of years of slavery, first under the Muslims and then under British made our rulers' mindset as that of a slave and still feel inferior to the white colored brutes.Union Carbide might have spent millions of dollars to manipulate things in their favour. Unless and untill we find pride in our tradition and rich heritage we would not be able to keep our head high. It is time for an introspection and discussion where we faltered in fighting the US company which killed our people with their callous acts and the contemptuous attitude still they keep towards us.

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