Friday, May 7, 2010


Kerala is always reluctant to adapt to the fast growing technology and this hesitation hampers and slows down our development. Be it introduction of computer or harvesting machine the petty politicians jump on the path. C-form, the mandatory document for providing accommodation to foreigners can now be sent on line so the details of foreigners staying in Kerala will be available with police instantly. It is very important in the backdrop of foreigners including terrorists moving around freely without being noticed and this should put an end to it.

But some loopholes are still there that C form can be sent by conventional methods also. So nobody can be blamed if it reaches police after the foreigner reaches back home. It will provide opportunity for foreigners like Headly, Rana and the one who attacked police at Thiruvananthapuram airport to misuse it. Is it so difficult for making it mandatory for all to submit C-form on line? It is so simple that lakhs of students exercise their option and take admission in the professional courses on line

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