Tuesday, February 2, 2010


The Delhi High Court said “Almost 80 per cent of rural population is without access to basic public health and this fact should be considered seriously”

Central Government seems to be really concerned about the health of rural population at last and promptly agreed for the short term medical education course of three and half years, Bachelor of Rural Medicine & Surgery (BRMS). It will go a long way in providing medical care to the majority of Indians who live in villages. The present elite class MBBS doctors consider serving rural poor as a sub-standard job and prefer the cities and lucrative jobs in private hospitals. The new generation doctors will be saviours of the rural people.
Majority of common  medical problems and ailments can be treated at primary level and do not require the sophisticated MBBS,MD,DM or the decorative MRCP or FRCP.
Indian Medical Association's protest is to be ignored as IMA represent the same elite MBBS doctors who despise rural servise.IMA was even against the a periodical test for the doctors every five years to check  their knowledge! The argument that the course's duration is too short is also not correct as within that time everything required for providing basic medical needs for the rural people can be studied by these new doctors. Improvement in quality of the Primary Health Centres will also restrict the private hospitals exploiting the rural population.

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