Saturday, January 30, 2010


National Film Awards declared and Malayalam movies got what it deserved. Not a single film of the 13 sent got any awards! Not a word from the self-declared doyens of the Malayalam film world who were fighting each other all these years abuses reaching vulgar after Kerala Awards declaration.

It is time the film makers realized their films are sub-standard and rubbish. Malayalam movies move around the flabby heroes delivering bombastic dialogues with no acting as expressions fail to come through the fat deposits in the body. Heroines are brought in not to act but to show their sex-appeal and they are rated today on the size of bust, belly and buttocks. Then comes some chocolate movies depicting the far from truth campus life and adolescent love. Film makers of yesteryears who had made excellent films live in the past glory with their imaginations drained out and dried up .No life in these movies but only the make belief artificial stories made in a shabby manner. Movie making has become a business to earn money and glory and investment is done by underworld dons and filthy rich who do not have any idea what a good movie is. People with creative idea and real passion for movies are no more to be seen. Real talents should enter the field and only then we will have good movies.

The present National Awards creates an impression that undue importance is given to the Bollywood commercial movies. This is a dangerous trend which will have  adverse impact on the upcoming young film makers who want to make good movies.

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  1. So true.........
    but the point need to be noted is that this is not because of the unavailability of talents but because of the lack of opportunities.