Tuesday, January 5, 2010


       Our National Anthem seems being phased out. “Jana Gana Mana” was there at all our functions. Over the years it was conveniently avoided and preserved only for the official functions. Now that custom also seems to be scrapped. The Indian Science Congress held at Thiruvananthapuram on 3.1.2010 inaugurated by the Hon. Prime Minister of India went without singing of our National Anthem. The reasoning - people do not give proper attention or due respect to it when it is played. And the easy way – stop playing National Anthem! Just like burning one’s house to fright the mouse away! It was attended by the learned and educated delegates and can’t they remain standing in attention for just 52 seconds? Procedure to be followed at the time of playing National Anthem is formulated but we can’t enforce it! Instead we took the short cut of doing away with the National Anthem.

The Anthem may be sung on occasions which, although not strictly ceremonial, are nevertheless invested with significance because of presence of Ministers etc.” the Government of India directive says. Our function was having Hon.Prime Minister, H.E, the Governor, Hon. Chief Minister, Hon. Union Ministers, Hon. State Ministers, Worshipful Mayor, and a lot of dignitaries.

Constituent Assembly adopted “Jana Gana Mana” as our National Anthem on 24.1.1950 . It is the symbol of our unity and a lot more to the nation and to each citizen. It brings in pride to be an Indian and reminds one the freedom struggle, the great leaders,  the great cultural heritage and civilization of our nation and fills in patriotism. Who cares for patriotism now? National Anthem “Jana Gana Mana” seems to go the same of way of our National Song “Vande Mataram”.


  1. Its nice to see your concern about this matter.But i think this incident is not so strange as we are living in an era where the younger citizens of our country didn't recognise the significance of an Independence day or a Republic day.These days are mere holidays for them to hang around.The fault is not solely their's.It is we who must cultivate a feeling of patriotism in our younger generation.If don't it mustn't be too long that a time will come when a question like this go unanswered:-"WHO IS FATHER OF OUR NATION?"[Sorry i'm not sure that such a question has any significance at that time]

  2. I hope if every Indian could uphold the dignity of our National Anthem.Just as Dr.Kalam has once mentioned- "Indians who live or visit other nations, observe the rules and regulations at their peak...while they return to India with a handfull of disrespect and negligence towards Indian culture, tradion and custom".
    I have seen many keralites who even don't try to sing the ANTHEM properly. For a cent-percent literate state like KERALA, its a true shame. I've heard how "jaya he" became "jaya ge" , "jaage" became "jaahe" and "maange" became "maahe"..They've even recomposed the tune. "Literacy" should also focus on respecting the National Icons.
    The attempt in bringing out such incidents of pure negligence, deserves a "Well Done".