Thursday, January 21, 2010


The racial attacks on Indians in Australia had turned ugly with the murder of an Indian youth. Report coming in doubts another murder, as a dead body is found possibly of  an Indian. Assault on Indians is on the increase even though promises are coming from the Australian Government. Our External Affairs Ministry has reacted strongly and threatens stringent action affecting even bilateral relations.

Indian Newspapers carried the news that some of our Ministers of State complained to the Prime Minister that they are not given any job and are free without any work.

We have our Minister of State for External Affairs who can do something using his diplomatic experience. He was the Under Secretary in the UN and had luck favoured he would have been the Secretary General of the United Nations, the sole authority to keep peace world over. He has lot of experience as official in the UN. This experience and his connections and the goodwill he earned can be used effectively to end these racial attacks, we hope.

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  1. I am very saddened to see that none of our MPS or ministers visited the Malayali nurses strking there for a minimum wage at some big hospital in New Delhi in this winter climate.

    Like Canada USA does we could also issue a ban on Indian people visiting Australia which will make them under pressure at least to save their image

    But we still show the pigmyism when important matters are concerned. After Indiara Gandhi we have no gutsy PM