Saturday, January 30, 2010


Identity card means a document enabling identification of the person and photo identity means identifying through the photo of the person. If the photo is with face fully covered with black garb like the terrorists or convicts taken to gallows how the person can be identified.
After the Supreme Court judgment that photos with face fully covered is not to be taken for election identity card is just a logical thinking (the issue should not have wasted the valuable time of the Apex Court and should have settled in lower court or at the Election Commission).

Visit to Birla Mandir, New Delhi years ago comes to mind. An young couple from UP poses infront of it for photograph. Husband insists but wife refused to remove the purdha from face at least for a moment. And she won. The poor man left with the a human shape clad in black garb by his side phtographed as his wife.

Kerala TV channels have a detailed discussion of this issue roping in important personalities as participants. It is shear common sense that photo identity card is for identifying the person through his/her photo and when the face is completely covered with mask the person cannot be identified and it is mere foolishness or ridiculous to take this subject for discussion. After all these are TV channels!

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  1. yes ridiculous and foolish
    high time we had a no nonsense approach to such matters