Thursday, January 21, 2010


839 meter tall. 160 plus storeys. Burj Dubai.The tallest building in the world!Spent 1.5 billion dollars for accommodating just 12000 people! Arabs celebrate and shows the world proudly their prestigious monument.

Was there really any need for such a gigantic building? What the world gained?

Serves no purpose other than to show the world the power of money.

It was built on an island. Thousands of tonnes of concrete and steel put on this fragile land. Can the earth withstand such huge structure on it? These types of foolish acts will definitely affect the ecological equilibrium the nature maintains and ultimately pave way for great disasters. Already the sea is rising because of man’s thoughtless acts. Seems we need not wait even till 2012.

Another huge building is in the making in Saudi Arabia. Kingdom Towers. Surpassing the Dubai structure. 1.1 kilometer tall! Will the rulers intoxitated with the power of money think prudently  before indiscriminately exploiting the natural resources and destroying our earth?

We have seen the fury of nature in Haithy days back.

Be considerate to fellow beings. To  Nature, To the Earth.


  1. Burj Dubai is now Burj Khalifa. This was announced only at the time of inauguration. This shows how transparent UAE is? The big dream of building all the wonders of world in Dubai has come to an end. The BUBBLE…………that is the name put for Dubai’s economy is now burst. The ruler of Abu Dhabi HH Sh. Khalifa is funding to resolve the current financial problems in Dubai which made BURJ DUBAI to BURJ KHALIFA. It will take another five years to bring the economy back to normal.

  2. he builders of these mamoth structure doesnot realise that the mother nature can tear it down to pieces within seconds.May the folliness of humans be how do they plan to showcase the glory when there remains no ecosystem or nature for them to survive.