Thursday, December 31, 2009


Headly and Rana came to India, moved around the country freely, made survey of all the targets for attacks, held meeting with local terrorists, planned attack of 26/11 and returned quietly. They have come on valid visa issued by the Indian embassy. They may not be the lone terrorist visitors. Many similar terrorists might have made many such visits earlier and some still doing subversive activities in India.

All these terrorists are coming here due to our lax visa rules. Any Tom Dick and Harry can come to India on a tourist visa,stay here as they wish. All in the name of developing tourism! What we gain from it? Some foreign exchange? Do we need these peanuts to have a square meal? Should we wait before the foreigners with begging bowl for some dollars? We should have self-esteem and should be proud to be an Indian. We should earn our food rather than looking towards United States.

The decision of making the visa rules stringent is the right one. No diluting  for heaven's sake.Let us have genuine tourists and not terrorists coming to kill us.

Some may be naturally uneasy with this decision. These people still see US as the eldarado. They do not mind undergaoing full body checked in US airports and even by the US airline in India but feel very much agitated when India makes Rules really strict to save our motherland. It is their obsession with US and we can feel sorry for them.

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