Monday, December 28, 2009


Fear gripped our leaders the moment Karnataka Police got hold of the Malayalee LeT terrorist Thadiyantavide Nazeer. Panic-stricken leaders started hurling accusations and challenges at each other. This was a clever ploy to camouflage their involvement and to hush up their connivance in terrorism. But this drama did not succeed and the people of Kerala having serious doubts all along about their  involvement realized fully well the truth that:

1) Both the fronts have some thing to hide,

2) Both have tried to cover up and

3) Both have done many things to scuttle probes against terrorism.

Startling revelations coming out of the interrogation cells of the Karnataka police confirms the worst fear that Kerala has been a breeding ground for the last many years and that terrorism has spread its tentacles so deep. We were ridiculously inefficient in containing terrorism.

Shedding the ego we have at last done the wise thing and handed over terrorism cases to National Investigation Agency. It is a hall mark decision. For the sake of our State and in the larger interest of our Motherland we should entrust with the NIA investigations of all terrorist activities in Kerala.

Terrorism is a heinous crime by all means. It is an act against the sovereignity of our nation and against each citizen of India. For the same reason terrorists are awarded heavy punishment. Abetting is also a crime of the same magnitude as terrorism. So all the people who have helped, collided, shielded, suppressed information, avoided taking action and in any way connected with terrorism should be brought to book and tried for the same crime of terrorism. They should not be let free by virtue of their position. Then only we will be able to wipe out terrorism from the soil of India.

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  1. i agree with every word of urs
    kerala is the hotbed of terrorism today nurtured by our selfish politicians voted by our foolish people who never learn the lesson