Monday, December 7, 2009


Why should we be so crazy about the yellow metal? Some superstitions and some false conceptions. Tomorrow if we accept the truth that gold is simply yet another metal like aluminium,iron,copper,lead, will Gold glitter as of today? NO.

Why should we exhibit our girls wrapped in gold ornaments like caparisoned elephants at wedding? More gold shows more good the girl or more noble the parents? It only shows the meanness of the parents.

See how much we are spending on gold in marriages. A middle class family gives around 100 sovereigns of gold to the bride. At Rs. 13000 per sovereign plus about 20% taken by the gold merchants as making charges and profit plus tax it comes to 16000 and how much for 100 sovereigns? A whopping 16 lakhs rupees!

The families who cannot afford this are humiliated. The girls remain unmarried. All because of our addiction for gold.

Is it a good investment? It is foolishness.Can a tonne of Gold substitute a glass of water, a piece of bread or anything else? Nothing . Instead we can spend that money on producing food.

We can bring down the prices. Stop buying gold for one month and see the difference. From 13280 rupees of today it will be less than 5000 per sovereign . Create awareness among people.

Let us Spread the message. We can save lives of thousands of girls who are remaining unmarried. We have a social commitment.

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  1. Gold Price can be reduced by withdrawing all this metals from commodities market. Speculation is the reason for increase in price of this yellow metal. When dollor price falls gold price increases. This is the scenario now!