Saturday, February 20, 2010


Terrorists have hit again. Killing 12 people. Pune blast once again brings to the fore the loopholes in our intelligence and security system.

Situation is worse in kerala. Last day one Malayalam TV channel shown one of their staff carrying a ‘bomb’ going inside Kochi collectorate, railway station and other important places in Kochi unnoticed,unchecked,uninterrupted and unquestioned. It could have been planted anywhere he liked.Not alone Kochi the whole of Kerala is vulnerable and  open to any type of terrorist activities in the most easy manner. And our police set up is busy in helmet ‘catching’!

Awake! Fight terrorism and save the country.

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  1. It is a shocking reality. We have to learn fro US which after the 9/11 attacks has upped the security to great efficiency. As for us, even after a series of blasts and terrorism we are always back to square one..