Monday, March 29, 2010


Kochi got an IPL team. Media and people of Kerala were at ecstasy celebrating it as if it was the greatest event in the history of Kerala. Like winning an Olympic Gold. What Kerala gains out of it is the question. IPL is a big-money game involving stakes of crores. The tweny-20 version moulded to raise the excitement of the spectators is cleverly used in IPL to mint money. Here the team sponsors, BCCI and to a lesser extend the players stand to gain, neither the game of cricket nor the upcoming cricketers gain anything.

2500 plus crores of rupees was spent for Kochi team.It is business for the investors. Naturally they  want to get the money back. So they will go for good players and cricketers of star value and some old war horses in the team. Where will our budding stars get chance? Even if some get a chance that will end up with IPL.

KCA patched up the infighting and is all out for the IPL as they will also get some pittance. KCA is thinking of constructing a new stadium in Kochi. The land proposed earlier was paddy fileds and wet land and nature lovers are already up in arms against it. Construction there  will be destroying the ecologically important wet land. The influence of huge IPL money may pave way for the stadium on the same site. But Kerala will be a loser in the long run.

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  1. Join and cheer for our team....Raise your view in the discussion forum....Come lets take our team to victory