Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wiki Leaks

Wiki Leaks has once again brought out the dirty acts of the United States and showed the world how contemptuously they treat other countries and their heads and use them against each other to safeguard the vested interest of the US. More to come out and the Pentagon is worried about the source of the leak and more worried about its fall out. One might not be surprised if the next disclosure brings out the underhand dealings of some Indian politicians in power conspiring with the US to undermine the larger interest of India or calling Indian head with some dirty name like ”naked emperor" given to Sarkozy. Even the impregnable fortress of the Pentagon could be penetrated and vaults opened to dole out the highly classified documents show the urge, determination and commitment of the man to unravel the truth.

The whole world is rejoicing at the emergence of truth at last through the 'Wiki Leaks'. Is it not an irony that Ratan Tata, born in the land of "Satyameva Jayate" has moved the Supreme Court against the disclosure of taped conversation indicting his industrial empire in the 1,76000 crore rupee G2 spectrum scam?

Tailpiece- However resourceful and shrewd Julian Assange or his 'Wiki Leaks' group might be they will have to sweat it out to get hold of a single official document from India. You know why? The documents will vanish into thin air in no time as in the case of files in the "Adarsh Flat" and others Scams!

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