Monday, March 28, 2011


Dr. V. Thankamani, the Head of the Department of Bio-Technology of Kerala University has been reinstated. The Governor, Chancellor of Kerala University had to intervene to provide justice to this honest lady professor and have ordered the University to take her back unconditionally with all the benefits.

She was the victim of dirty and corrupt politics. All this started years ago, it is said, with her refusal to give  admission to the daughter of the University registrar for M Sc. Bio Technology illegally. She was bold. She refused to take any illegal orders. She refused to obey the dictum of the guys in power. This infuriated the party and the harassment started. First it was by the students union. Then the Kerala University Syndicate. Many allegations were hurled on her. The harassment reached the point of physical assault. Still she refused to budge to illegitimate demands. Ultimately she was removed from the University. All this happened in a civilised society. A shame on us.

Nobody came to her support. No so called intellectuals, no cultural leaders, no women’s lib organisations, no human rights organisation, none have uttered a single word against this brutal atrocity against a woman. She  is wife of the grandson of Mahakavi Ulloor S. Parameswara Iyer.

She was gold medallist in her degree. A scholar. An able administrator. And above all a bold and brave human being. Having the courage to fight against evil. People like Thankamani are the assets of our society. Congratulations.

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  1. appreciate your comments.Similar discrimination happened/happening to other persons also have to be brought to the general public.