Monday, August 29, 2011

Ministers &Inagurations

A Chief Minister, 2 central ministers, 5 state ministers, a host of MPs and MLAs. Occasion is not any Government function or any official function but opening of a hotel in Kerala. It is not of any social relevance but a project of a private entrepreneur. The owners aim at boasting of their clout among politicians as well as publicity of their establishment. The VIPs are used as crowd pullers and for getting a dignified look with official cars with National flags and red lights and a contingent of policemen all around. Along with the VIPs they put some  film girls to get a glamorous look.

 Is it not time for the ministers, MPs and MLAs to follow a code of conduct of not attending any private function of purely profit making ventures like jewellery shops, textiles shops, beauty parlour, hotel etc.

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