Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Call MPs/MLAs back

Right to recall those who do not rise to our expectations or fails to deliver results or become corrupt is what people need today. Many ministers, MPs, MLAs are in jail. Many are tainted.Many are facing trial. It is shame for us that we have elected them. Worse is the fact that  they inside the jail still represent us. 

But people are helpless and have to wait for long five years to get rid them.How many hours are wasted in Parliament and State legislative assemblies by our elected representatives trading allegations each other and stalling proceedings over trivial things?

Recent incidents in Kerala Assembly speak volumes about the unruly behaviour of our MLAs and ministers. Once they are elected they consider people like worms. If people have the right to recall they dare not misbehave. 

It is not a difficult job. Considering the new bio-metric  identity  methods the citizens can easily register their opinion to recall.

So let us fight for our right to recall those who exceed the limits.

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