Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Say No to NEW DAM at Mullaperiyar

Why should Kerala build a new dam in Kerala for the exclusive use of Tamil Nadu?

Periyar is not an inter-state river. It originates in Kerala, flows through it and reaches Arabian Sea. But Tamil Nadu is using its entire water as a right. Not a single drop given to Kerala.

In the case of a new dam thousands of acres of Kerala forest, agricultural land and part of Kumali town will be destroyed. Millions of tonnes of natural resources will be exploited.

All these destructions, money spent on it, manpower, the execution, the tension and everything involved in construction of new dam is born by Kerala and the burden put on the people of Kerala   for Tamil Nadu!  Just to facilitate Tamil Nadu their irrigation and to help them generate electricity for their use!

Not a single drop of water for Kerala!

Tamil Nadu is allocating 60 to 70 crores of rupees in every annual budget for keeping the dam for them and spending it wisely.


Bring down the water level in Mullaperiyar dam to 100 ft.  Give Tamil Nadu  required water but ask them to construct medium reservoirs to hold water taken from Mullaperiyar. Kerala should use the remaining water for Kerala’s needs and to generate electricity.

This is the right time as it is the  birth Centenary celebration time of C.Achutha Menon, former Kerala Chief Minister who was the architect of the 999 year Mullaperiyar agreement.


  1. Sir,
    I am not totally agreeing with ur views. according to me, some views are correct. the question why we should give water to T.N. This should not asked by a MALAYALEE. As u know, the keralites are very adjusting people and we are ready to share anything for the welfare of ours as well as others. U see, if we not permit them to take water, our fellow Indians in TN, ie., around 5 to 6 villages will be in trouble. In turn, indirectly, we keralites are also in trouble. becz, in these villages, they are cultivating agriculture and these vegs & fruits are actually using by our keralites. that means, as a human being, for one thing or another, we have to support each other by way of sharing and adjusting. U, see, our great CM, Sh.Ummanchandy sir, already given a speech that we, keralites are ready to give more water, if TN wishes so, but in turn, they have to agree for construction of the new dam. Here, CM actually shown his keralite nature. I appreciate this act. But the only thing, we have to persuade TN to do something for the protection of our keralite or if they don't come for any agreement, the Central Government should take control of the mullaperiyar dam, becz, they have the right to do it & they should act upon for the welfare of we INDIANS.
    BY LIJI.S.R.

  2. Liji,


    I never said no water to Tamil Nadu. I said "Give Tamil Nadu required water but ask them to construct reservoirs to hold water taken from Mullaperiyar"

    Selling of vegetable to Kerala is for survival of Tamil farmers.

  3. The "flame" of controversies has engulfed the DAM to so much of its entirety that even a "rescue operation" to settle the issue amicably will seem to be meaningless at the current stage(or rather impossible). The need for a new dam is a "point to ponder over". I feel like quoting the Kodaganar Dam incident(TN), where the dam failure was triggered by an earthquake; and the Panshet-Khadakwasla Dam(Pune, MH) disaster, which resulted in immense loss of property(though human lives were spared--quite difficult to believe !!). The duo-dam disaster of Pune would be sufficient to correct the false-beliefs that the huge amount of water forcing out of one dam would be sufficiently captured and stored by other ones. The Panshet, being smaller than Khadakwasla, resulted in complete destruction of the latter, caused primarily by water gushing at an unpredictable force.

    Finally, to quote my personal view, I would consider saying "does it make sense when the "cows" which are fed by us are actually "milked" by our neighbours??"

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  5. Thank you for your comments on my blog.. liked your take on the Mullaperiyar issue...

    I never said no water to Tamil Nadu. I said "Give Tamil Nadu required water but ask them to construct reservoirs to hold water taken from Mullaperiyar"

    Guess this is what is required at the moment.. TN needs to do better than just cry for water.. world over, dams are being decommissioned due to various reasons; earthquake being one reason. Instead of letting the rain water go to waste into the sea, TN needs to construct storage facilities by way of dams, lakes etc. (land is abundant in TN unlike Kerala)
    But the main issue out here is that TN is also generating power out of this water and that can happen only if a dam exists at a certain height. But even this needs to be worked out by mutual discussions instead becoming offensive. Kerala has never denied water and even in the future no govt. will deny it.