Friday, September 7, 2012


INKEL MD Balakrihsnan says that if Kerala Govenment does not give land on 90 year long lease for private projects he will take them to outside Kerala. He does not seem to know even the full-form of INKEL. It was constituted for developing infrastructure in Kerala and not in Tamil Nad or Karnataka and then how the MD can be so foolish and arrogant to threaten the Govenment like this?

He is still in the hangover of the IAS days forgetting that he has retired and being an MD appointed by the Govenrment he is at its mecry and not at the beck and call of the NRIs. His job is just to provide infrastructure within the framework of the policy of the Government and not to formulate policy of his own.

His "caberet" project has already invited wrath of his mentor, the industry miister who has called for his explation.

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  1. Leasing of land is really a headache.So try for the vacant land which had been acquired for the industrial purposes .