Wednesday, August 20, 2008


It was Bangalore yesterday and today it is Ahmedabad.It can be any place tomorrow; Kozhikkode, Kochi or Thiruvananthapuram. Blood stained dead bodies and torn away body parts strewn all over, the scenes of the dastardly acts of the cowards refuse to fade away from mind, a numbness creeping in. Immediately after every such attacks or bomb blasts the authorities emerge with the usual worn-out phrase of "we have already warned". What happened to these warnings? Why these wrnings were not heeded to?
Each and every intelligence agencies, central or state have been filing reports of massive arms piling in many parts of the country and about possible terrorists attack. And these intelligence always turns out to be accurate, which is confirmed produly after losing lives of many people. Once the impact of the incidents goes from memory the intelligence reports are thrown to trash. Many reports point towards terrorists presence in Kerala especially in its northern parts. Sadly, no serious action has so far been initiated to contain it or to find out the anti-nationals. Caste-based politics is acting as the detterent in taking any action against the terrorists. Caste is the vote bank and appeasing them is the prime concern rather than fighting the anti-nationals. It seems that everybody is scared to act agasinst the anarchists and traitors.Let us not wait for another tragedy to happen but act right now sternly to flush out terrorists and traitors from our country for ever.

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